Sneak a Peek at the Book


Would you like another glass of wine?” Randy asked. Kelly shook her head “no.” He cleared his throat. “How is your food?” he asked.

“It’s great, really it is,” Kelly said, lifting another forkful of pasta to her lips. Inwardly, she fantasized about curling up in bed with the newest Perri O’Shaughnessey novel and a cup of tea. She felt guilty but she couldn’t help it. Randy bored her.

He was cute enough, in a clean-cut kind of way, and definitely polite and nice. But he was trying too hard, and there was no chemistry. Kelly craved that heart-pounding, bone-melting, skin-tingling kind of passion. With Randy, the conversation was strained, like they were actors struggling to remember their lines. She could scarcely refrain from indulging the compulsive urge to check her watch.

The drive home was endless and awkward. At the first sight of sanctuary, she jumped out of the car, waved good-bye while thanking him for a nice evening, and practically ran into the lobby of her building. Once again, Kelly walked away wishing she’d stayed home and painted her toenails.

Kelly closed her front door and leaned against it with a sigh of relief. After a moment, she shook herself off and went to the kitchen to make hot tea. She fed Trixie, her calico cat, who loudly purred and rubbed against her ankles. After changing into her favorite pajamas—silk leopard print pants and matching camisole—she curled up on her chaise lounge and opened her laptop, taking a sip of steaming peppermint tea. Her left hand petted Trixie, who rolled onto her back with paws in the air, delighting in the belly rub.

As the computer booted up, Kelly gazed out of her living room window at the sparkling nighttime Dallas skyline. She’d bought this high-rise condo unit primarily for the spectacular city view. Mornings often found Kelly sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise. At the moment, however, she felt overcome by disappointment. How many more dates like tonight’s would she endure?

Once online, Kelly checked her email, scrolling rapidly and deleting the Viagra and mortgage ads. She ignored several messages from clients and colleagues and instead opened an email with an intriguing and rather unusual subject line: “Sharing the Temptations with You—a Gift.”

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