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Praise for "Temptations Of The Single Girl"

Get to a Smart Marriage®

What's a girl to do?! This book lays it out step-by-step and it's not just another "how to find your man" plan. It's a fun read that's like having your own love coach to help the rules make sense, easy to understand, and easy to put into practice. If you want a Smart Marriage®, filled with both love and compatibility, this book will help you get there.
Diane Sollee
Founder and Director, www.smartmarriages.com

Breakthrough: Better Than Therapy

I just finished Temptations of the Single Girl and while reading it I had a breakthrough and was able to close a chapter of my life that had been lingering for about a year. Better yet, for years I have been in therapy about men and never had the kind of awakening that I had while reading your book.

Just In Time Message: How to Avoid Dating Traps

Nina, your book came to me at exactly the moment I was in need of your message. Having just ended a relationship, I saw how I had experienced nine of the ten temptations all in one relationship. I identified with your main character, Kelly, almost 100%! The way you have written this book using characters to exemplify your message regarding dating traps and how to avoid them is very powerful. I am recommending this book to all my single girlfriends so that they can gain the wisdom you so generously have shared with those of us who very much need it. Thank you for your great insight into the dance we humans perform in the roles of male and female. I look forward to becoming an accomplished dancer!.
Susan R.

A Must-Read, Single or Married!

Temptations of the Single Girl is a must-read for any woman, single or married, that wants a mutually satisfying and loving relationship with a man---she's yet to meet or married to now! Nina artfully leads us through the myriad of issues we confront when we become intimately involved with another person. All of us will recognize our own "temptations" and, thanks to Nina's insight, we can hopefully avoid making the same mistakes again and again.
Joyce Cummings


If I had read this book sooner, I could have avoided a lot of emotionally difficult relationships. I recognized nearly all my exes in the temptations. After reading it, I felt empowered and wanted more for myself. The next time a temptation came up, I was able to turn it away because I saw it for what it really was...a drain on my time and emotions with no payoff.
D. Rose, an Avid Reader

Renewed Self Respect and Perspective

First let me start by saying that as many books as I buy, I never write a review good or bad; this time it's different. I have been reading self-help for years and this is the first book that actually made sense to me. I read it in one sitting and it was truly amazing -- going where other books fail to go, breaking down every thing you need to know. Nina now has a fan for life -- she's really interested in helping people, not just making money.
I especially liked the section about the 'intentionally' wounded. We are all wounded by bad relationships, but when someone uses that as an excuse for not making an effort or a commitment, they remain intentionally wounded. For years I had been chasing someone who is intentionally wounded. This book helped me realize nothing I can do will make him change because he chooses to stay that way. I was finally able to let it go.

The book gave me a new perspective on dating and did it in a very entertaining way. I saw so many of my own mistakes reflected in Kelly's failed relationships. I found myself cheering along with Kelly hoping she would find Mr. Right and feeling a renewed sense of hope for my own search. I got back my self respect and perspective...thanks!

Gaining an "internal compass"

I bought Temptations of the Single Girl a few months ago, hoping to avoid disaster. In hindsight, my "new man" wasn't really new, but, yet again, was someone who I had put on a pedestal -- worshiping him, feeling hopeless, and looking for solutions. The book didn't "save" me. In fact, the relationship crashed and burned in a spectacular way, but I realized that at the time I was reading your book, I hadn't yet internalized what its message meant. As I started to sift through the wreckage, I began to understand that your 10 "temptations" really have to do with much deeper issues which go to your concept of the "inner compass." I now realize that my compass is very weak. I've spent my entire life being "perfect" and coming from a "perfect" family with lots of conditional love. I strive for "perfect" men to go with the "perfect" everything else, and only end up feeling low, trying too hard, suppressing my own feelings, and ending up in a mess.

Your book helped me understand that I had never learned to assert myself, to create healthy boundaries, learn how to say no, ask for help, and otherwise define my personal self. I'm now in therapy working on these issues, and I don't know if I would have seen it all without your book --- and, of course, a gentle shove from life. So thanks. I'm re-reading your book this morning, and this time around, I am tying its messages back to my own therapeutic work. I am optimistic about the future

Finally - Sensible Advice!

If you are in your 20's or 30's, this book will save you from wasting time and having your heart broken needlessly. If you've been single for a while, you've probably dated one or all of these characters. Nina Atwood gives solid suggestions for avoiding unhealthy situations, stopping manipulative behaviors, and recognizing good personal qualities when you find them. It's a quick read that will leave you with positive, useful strategies to try on your own or share with friends.

Improve Your Life Journey

Women give their power away trying to fulfill themselves entirely through a relationship, rather than creating a full life, then attracting someone else with a full life to share it. Even if you're already in a relationship, reading this book will fill in the gaps in your relationship journey; it will also influence powerfully your relationships with other women whom you want to influence for the better. As a coach, I've used this book with clients, and also every aspect of my life with regard to influencing other women. Even though the title says, Temptations of the Single Girl - get it even if you're in a relationship or married - it will help your life journey immensely.
Bonnie Estes, Life Coach

A Dating Paradigm Shift

For all of us single American girls, say hello to Kelly! Through her portrayal of a young single woman's journey, the author has triggered a paradigm shift toward dating. Nina Atwood draws us into this story of Kelly, a young woman to whom I immediately related. She is vulnerable and easy to like, and you just pull for her to win. Kelly also makes it palatable to accept the "errors of our own ways" and leads us to real profound healing. Nina has written an engaging teaching manual for women of all ages. To the Kelly in all of us - and to Nina Atwood on a real home run. Thank you for caring about us out here.
MP, Senior Financial Advisor, Dallas Texas

Women of All Ages Relate

Temptations of the Single Girl is a wonderful book - a must-read for anyone wishing to find and keep a great relationship. Any woman who is twenty something to fifty something will be able to relate in a direct way with the lead character. The advice is relevant not only for the single person, but also for those already in committed relationships and, with a little thought from the reader, application to relationships in general. The writing style is such that it doesn’t preach, but rather draws the reader into the story line so that they are truly rooting for Kelly to make good choices that will lead to a more fulfilling life. Thank you, Nina, for your gift of writing and publishing this work. I hope many, many women uncover its value page by page.
Rebecca T., President
Commercial Real Estate Firm

Two Years of Therapy in One Book

Temptations of the Single Girl will resonate with so many women – both single and married. Kelly’s story was truly my story and yes, I have succumbed to all ten temptations. Nina Atwood packs the value of two years worth of therapy into one book. While I read it in one sitting, I would encourage readers to take it slowly and explore. This book will help you see the warning signs and appreciate your own value. We spend so much time caring for others that many women, me included, find it difficult to create that self-care and self-love -- the foundation for long-term happiness. I went through similar steps, even creating my own vision statement and love list for my life. Today I have the privilege to experience the most wonderful, mature and adult relationship as Rey appeared at the time when I was completing this journey. I consider this book a must read for the single women in my life. Through a fable setting, Nina offers the straight talk and tough love required to build lasting, healthy relationships.
Paige Dawson
CEO, MPD Ventures

Critical Step in Your Path of Dating

This book is a critical step in your path of dating to end up in a committed relationship worthy of the gift of one self. The step I found important in dating in my 30’s was to learn about my patterns and grow by perspective from other’s experience and learnings. Nina Atwood shares through this thoughtful parable that as a reader pulls you into the story and learnings. You will benefit from reading this book by finding ways to change your behaviors to allow you to reach the goal you deserve—giving of yourself to relationships worthy of your gift and worthy of your mutual time and trust.
Lisbeth McNabb
CEO w2wlink.com
Former CFO of match.com

Timeless Wisdom, Modern Relevance

Nina Atwood has transformed self-help for this generation. "Temptations" offers its readers timeless wisdom but through a method that is exceptionally relevant for the modern, single female. The principles of the book are quickly and easily absorbed, almost subconsciously, via relatable characters and a compelling storyline. Although the book is intended to guide romantic relationships, I found many of "Temptations'" insights to be universally important and applicable to all types of interpersonal relationships. I would encourage all women, regardless of their current relationship status, to read "Temptations", and I hope we see a series of "Temptations" style self-help from Ms. Atwood in the future!
Amy Carenza
Vice President Corporate Finance

Real Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Nina nailed it! This book provides the real pitfalls of single life for women and how to avoid them. I wish I had read this book 30 years ago. I know of no woman who will not see herself and wish she had read this sooner. Reading as a married woman, I felt more in love and grateful for the blessed relationship we have - especially after so many years of struggling! It took me a long time to get these principles on my own and with the help of Nina's earlier books. I hope and pray my daughter learns them much earlier. Every mother wants their daughter to know these truths, so if you have a daughter, put this book in her hands today. If you are single, read it today - it will change your life.
Elaine Siciliano Morris
Executive Coach and Founder of Sea Change Inc.

Insights and New Approaches

Nina - I just finished your newest book and it was fantastic. I read it in two days and it really has given me a lot of insight into my past relationships and thoughts on how to approach future relationships. I especially liked that it was written as a fable-it kept things light and made it easier to relate to Kelly and her situations. I felt that Kelly was very easy to identify with and that made it easier for me to place myself in her shoes and recognize how I have succumbed to the temptations and how I can avoid those mistakes from now on. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I valued your latest work.
Julia Weeman

Not Just Another Relationship Book

What I didn't want was to read another book about relationships. Temptations of the Single Girl changed my mind. It's filled with useful information presented in a unique way. Several times I saw myself in Kelly's choices. I recommend the book to those who want to improve the quality of their relationships.
Carolyn B.

This Book Changed My Life

I have read many, many books on relationships and all of them offered their own valuable insights. But Temptations of the Single Girl spoke to me in a way that no other "self-help" book has. Reading "Temptations" has changed my life, for the better. I had just gotten out of a painful two year on again/ off again relationship when I found this book. I read it through once, then waited a week and read it through again. I highlighted and underlined passages on just about every page! This book is different, because it SHOWED me what unhealthy relationship choices actually look like between two people instead of just talk and theory. Putting the "emotionally unavailable" behaviors in a concrete context--with Kelly and Martha--really helped me understand what to look for in myself and in men when I'm dating.

Temptations of the Single Girl is a "parable" about Kelly, a single woman who has a history of unsatisfying, incomplete, and painful relationships with men. She meets Martha, a relationship "mentor" and guide, and begins a journal through the "temptations" in developing relationships with men. Kelly learns about herself and others as she grapples with the common relationship behaviors and attitudes we have all encountered on our own romantic journeys.

Ever wondered why a guy doesn't call back (you don't need to "remind him" you're still there)? Or why getting sexual too soon (bad idea to get attached to someone you don't really know) or settling for Mr. Close By instead of Mr. Right (if you aren't attracted to him now, then in a year you probably won't be either) doesn't work? This book SHOWS you why it simply won't go anywhere. It challenges you to be as honest with yourself as Kelly is with herself.

Before I read this book, I didn't really understand what "emotional unavailability" meant or what it looked like. I just knew that I got involved with a lot of guys who seemed to be unable or unwilling to love me back. I was really struggling to identify different behaviors and attitudes that would lead me on the same old path towards frustration and pain, but after seeing the different relationship challenges all lined up, one after another, and the behavior and attitudes that went them, I am learning to recognize these romantic pitfalls and how to start paying attention to what is actually happening, not what I hope will happen or I want to happen.

A Better Life for Me and My Daughter

I recently bought and read your bookTemptations of the Single Girl. I wanted to share with you that I have succumbed to each/every trap in your book. I quit dating about six yrs. ago for a couple of reasons - one being tired of where it was all leading - NOHWERE! I've often thought what are the answers to allowing that quality man to come into my life? I think a lot of your book has answered many of those questions. I feel that my past choices have been followed by my daughter and I have put your book on the table where all her mail goes. I hope she reads this book and hopefully is then able to allow a wonderful man into her life. If nothing else - I will be a better role model as I want better for her in her life. I will maintain getting tips from your websites. I truly believe that I will succeed. I also felt so bad about not continuing to date someone I really didn't feel a connection to; I don't have to feel that way again EVER!!! Thank you.

Temptations Is Better Than Therapy

I just wanted to thank you for writing Temptations of the Single Girl. After reading the article in Counseling Today, I bought it and am in chapter 7. If someone had written this book twenty years ago, and I had been smart enough to understand it, I probably would not be unmarried at 45! Here’s a story illustrating how important your work is. A male friend of mine is talking about divorce but still living with his wife. He began pursuing me, and even his mother got involved – encouraging me to go out with him. Finally, I called a halt to all of it, telling them it was inappropriate because his marriage isn’t over yet. I told this story to my therapist, a licensed social worker and marriage counselor, who asked me if I was rejecting an opportunity for a romantic relationship that might work because of my “intimacy problems.” She will be handed a copy of Temptations at our next appointment! Maybe you can post something on the site advising women how to know when a therapist is truly qualified to help with relationship issues.

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